Instagrammers Capture Japan’s Aomori Nebuta Festival (青森ねぶた祭り)

Want to see more photos and videos? Check out the 青森ねぶた祭 location page and the #aomori, #ねぶ and #nebuta hashtags.

From August 2-7 every year, the streets of Central Aomori, Japan, are filled with colorful lantern floats called nebuta as part of the Aomori Nebuta Festival (青森ねぶた祭り). The floats are built of wooden bases with metal frames and coated with Japanese paper called washi. They often depict historical figures or kabuki and can take up to a year to complete. Costumed parade participants dance and sing alongside the floats, and, on the final evening, a fireworks show lights up the sky as revelers carry the floats into the sea. While the origins of the festival are fairly uncertain, one explanation is that it originated from the flutes and taiko a shōgun used to attract the attention of the enemy during a battle.



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